User Manual for the

Automated Recurrent Apnea Program

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PURPOSE. The purpose of this document is to provide instructions on how to use the Automated Recurrent Apnea Program (ARAP) . The AAP program is designed to turn on and off a oxygen pump by use of a x10 CM15A wireless controller. The user is able to input two initial conditions: Episode duration andoff” time. An Episode consists of : set off time + set on time. “On” is derived from: Episode duration minus “off” time. The program allows one to repeatedly control the occurrence and all parameters of the Episodes for the duration of the experiment.

The Program has been designed to run on a Windows 7 32-bit machine, with 3 GB of RAM.

This Program works with a CM15A Controller.

Users are required to have:

      1. Windows PC

      2. Excel

      3. Active Home Pro X10 controller

      4. CM15A driver


A. Before running the AAP Program

  1. Only one instance of the program can occur at any time. Multiple programs cannot communicate with the CM15A controller at same time.

  1. All power saving settings on the computer should be turned off before running the program; your screen saver should also be disabled.

  1. The AAP program should be the only program running on your computer.

B. Installing the AAP Program

  1. Open up the CD and Install the program.

  1. The Program requires that Microsoft tools be downloaded in order to enable all its features to be utilized.

  1. Once installed, the AAP Program automatically creates a shortcut on the computer and creates a menu option in the Start>All Programs>Automated Apnea Program.

  1. Install ActiveHome Pro Software

  1. Install the CM15A Driver

C. Using the AAP Program

  1. Insert two Input Parameters as follows:

a. Apnea Episode Duration: Input the duration of each Apnea episode in the Duration of Episode (Sec) text box.

b. Apnea Off-Time Duration: Input the duration of each “off” time between occurrences of apnea in the Duration of Off Time (Sec) text box.

  1. At this point, the Play button becomes activated.

The play button reads the user inputs for Episode Duration and Off Time Duration. Once the play button is pressed the AAP will turn the ventilation pump off, thus starting the first episode of the experiment. Once the Play button is enabled, the On, Record Data and Reset Button are activated.

  1. The AAP program automatically updates several fields.

The Status Table presents different statistics in real time. It displays the Off (Apnea Occurrence), Number of Episodes, Total Experiment Duration, and Program Performance: Timing Errors (Errors/Sec) .

a. Off (Apnea Occurrence) contains three different parameters: Individual, Total, and Mean. The Individual Statistic shows how many instances of “Off” episodes have occurred. The Total shows the total number of seconds the AAP Program has turned the pump “Off.” The Mean shows average time the pump has been “OFF”(Total / Individual).

b. Number of Episodes shows the number of Apnea Episodes that have occurred during the experiment.

c. Total Experiment Duration shows the duration the AAP program has been running, in HH:MM:SS:MS.

d. Program Performance: Timing Errors (Errors/Sec) shows the amount of timing errors that occurred in the program. Errors are detected when the internal program counter does not match the system’s clock. Errors can occur due to any number of occurrence such as: insufficient computer memory, program start time compared with system clock time, etc.

The Data Table logs all actions that occur during the entire experiment.

      1. The On, Record Data, and Reset Off Time Buttons are activated once the Play button is pressed.

a. The “On” Button also acts as a Pause Button, which leaves the controller “On” until the Play Button is pressed.

b. Record Data sends an “On” signal to the receiver. This Button also generates an Excel document that records all data in a Data Table. If an error occurs when generating an Excel document, the AAP Program compensates for errors by copying all contents of the Data Table to a clipboard so the user can copy and paste the contents in an Excel document. The system does not start until the Play Button is once again pressed.

c. The Reset Off Time Button resets the “Off” duration while the experiment is running. To use this Button, the user first inputs the desired “Off” duration in the Duration of Off Time (Sec) text box and clicks the Reset Off Time button.

  1. Before exiting the program, the Pause Button should be depressed so that the AAP Program can record all data. Be sure that all data is recorded before exiting. If the data was not record, simply copy and paste the Data table into an Excel document.

  1. Where to Find Data

      1. The excel is saved at whichever directory the program is saved in.