Portals to Information about Sleep and Circadian Rhythms

NAPS: New Articles & Papers in Sleep

New articles dealing with sleep and circadian rhythms are collected, organized into relevant categories and distributed free of charge as the current alerting bulletin NAPs (New Articles & Papers in Sleep).  Information for researchers and clinicians and the public are included.


Resources for researchers are presented which range from lists of specialized animal models of disease to equipment manufacturers.  Resources for clinicians and the public include links to sleep clinics, descriptions of sleep and circadian rhythm disorders, etc.


Organizations ranging from the CIHR to NIH and NSF are listed together with groups such as the National Sleep Foundation and the Sleep Apnea Foundation that are involved in research and education dealing with sleep and circadian rhythms.


Publications for researchers and clinicians such as the The Sleep Syllabus, sleep scoring manuals, and EEG computer programs are included in the portal.  For the public, there are publications dealing with various sleep and circadian rhythm diseases and disorders.

Team Research - Canada

This portal provides information about investigators in Canada who are currently working in the fields of sleep and circadian rhythm research as well as related clinical activities.  Also included is general information about sleep and circadian rhythm research in Canada.


This portal facilitates discussion of all aspects of sleep and circadian rhythms, normal and pathological, for researchers, clinicians and the public.  Listings of job opportunities, requests for equipment, etc. are also provided.